Few names are establishing themselves so firmly in the world of music like QMVNX3UDDY, a dynamic duo hailing from Boston, Massachusetts.  

Since 2010, QMVNX3UDDY have earned the reputation of being multi-talented heavy hitters in the streets with their eccentric beats and thought-provoking lyrics.  When both artists come together, they each bring a distinctive talent, creating a New Boston sound.

QMVNX3UDDY take listeners on a compelling journey of thoughts and emotions. Each song is original, meaningful and to the point incorporating witty lyrics over undeniably hard beats. 

With every new release, they aim to set the bar high, appealing to Boston’s new wave of listeners. Sounds of Trap, Electric, Funk, R&B, and Hip-Hop are just some of the many genre influences.

Boston’s music scene is an entire movement and can no longer be ignored. Get to know the artist behind the music and check out the latest recordings, media, and more – never miss a beat! #Independent Rap Artists